Aurangabad is a major city in Maharashtra. It has got its name after the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. There are so many tourist attractions all over the place. You can look for the best of caves in Ajanta and Ellora. This is a developed as well as culturally rich place that you would love to see. This city is one of the fastest growing cities of world.

Aurangabad Tourist Information
Aurangabad Must Visit Places
Aurangabad welcomes you in amazing world of tourist spots. You can visit the Aurangabad caves, which are an artificial caves dug out for tourists. Bani begham bagh is a great garden where you can roam around. Sunehri mehel or golden palace is situated at Bibi ka maqbara, Grishneshwar temple are other famous places to be seen here. Darwazas, Pitalkhora, Khuldabad, Pan chakka, Ellora caves, Daulatabad forts, Bibi ka maqbara are some of the informative places that you should see here. Himroo factory and Panchakki are the other famous places you should see.

Aurangabad's Famous Cuisines
Aurangabad cuisine is very much different from Maharashtra other cuisine. Initially the city was ruled by Mughals and Nizams. Hence the taste developed was of those times. There are some of the mouth watering dishes that are prepared. Rabri, sevian, orange phirni, are the delicacies that are involved here. It also has some of the bet non veg preparation. Biryani badshahi, Meat Durbari, Shami kebab, Seekh kebab are the famous cuisine that are attracting people here.

Aurangabad Markets
Aurangabad is famous for shopping. It has some of the best kinds of trendy traditional and regular apparels. You can find many local shops where you can get everything you need. Nirala, Lazre, Hi Society are few of the stores where you can shop well. You can also shop for beauty products and the jewelries from here.

How To Reach Aurangabad
You can reach Aurangabad easily with any means be it flight, train or bus. It has its own airport and railway station and the city is very well connected to all other cities. Let us help you to serve perfectly without any issues in your travel. India tour city has been managing everything since early times.
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