One of the tourist spots that are staggeringly enchanting tourists from all over the world is Dras valley in Ladakh. Advent and natural beauty is served in amazing ways in this Snow dessert area. You can see breathtaking landscapes, lovely valleys and majestic mountains with seasonal orchards. If you want to live in laps of nature then you need to come to Dras valleys.

Dras Tourist Information
Dras Must Visit Places
Dras valley is an arresting valley situated 60 km from Kargil. The base of Zojilla pass begins at its start. From here, the adventurous people can go and explore the holy caves of amaranth temple. The shrine is said to be 5000 years old. Dras is just perfect place for trekking and other adventures being carried on. There are both long and small trekking that can be enjoyed by tourists.

Dras's Famous Cuisines
The food is very much common as Ladakhi food. They love to have this kind of Tibetan food. Thukpa and tsampa is said to be their famous food. Ngampe or roasted barley flour is also said to be their famous food. Tsampa is just perfect food for trekking with edible oil. Skyu, a heavy pasta dish is said to be strictly ladakhi food. In Skyu, they have it with root vegetables. As the plain of Ladakh starts to move down, the food habit changes as the normal people. In ladakh, strong green tea is prepared well. This strong tea is prepared by mixing salt and butter. Nowadays sweet tea or normal India tea is being prepared too.

Dras Markets
There are small markets in Dras that is specially localized for people to have their normal lives being carried on.

How To Reach Dras
Dras is located in middle of Srinagar and Kargil. It can be accessed from bus travel if people live in these two areas. There are private driving buses too. If you are coming down to Dras from any other place then you can reach till Kashmir by train or flight.

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