Uttar Pradesh Tourist Attractions

Uttar Pradesh or UP is also known as one of the populous state in India. It is situated in the sub national entity of home of India. It is enchanting home of Varanasi, Lucknow and also Taj Mahal. In ancient years, Uttar Pradesh was divided in too many areas like Lucknow, Varanasi and other places. All these places were famous for their own newabs. This is why Uttar Pradesh is also said to be ‘state of Newabs’. Many changes have been seen in recent years. You can see some of the amazing cultural diversity yet unity in people of Uttar Pradesh. UP is considered to be the birth place of Hinduism. It has so many Hindu pilgrimages which will help you learn Hindu culture in detail. Music, Dance and stage plays are important cultural festivals in UP. There are many of the crafts for which this place is very famous. It includes works like Zardoji, Chickankari Embroidery, Metalware, Zari work and carpets.

Uttar Pradesh has sub-tropical climates where you see hot summers and cool and windy winters. There are some of the famous places that must be visited. Luck now, Varanasi, Allahabad and Agra constitutes some of the best tourist spot in Uttar Pradesh. UP is also famous for its temples like Vishwanath Temple, Krishna Balrama mandir, Vindhyanchal Mandir, Agra fort, Ramnagarh fort, Varanasi Ghats etc. Apart from these temples and architectural facts, you have some of the wildlife sanctuaries. Dudhwa national park, Hastinapur wildlife sanctuaries, Nawab Ganj wildlife sanctuary are some of the important ones. Shopping is also one of the main aspects in this state. You can have a memorable trip when you can get these Uttar Pradesh trips with some good travel companies. India tour city helps to manage everything when you get your tour and travel booked with them.

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