Punjab Tourist Attractions

There are many states included in making North India trip great and luxurious. Punjab is one such state that is separate from other states in its own way. Each of the states in north India is different yet there are few things that make them amazingly well. There are several commonalities that link each of these states well with each other. Punjab is formed from five rivers. This means that there are five river waters that run through this state. This is the reason; one of the main occupations in Punjab is agriculture. The soils are fertile, climate is good and abundant water supply, agriculture flourishes well all across the state. Apart from agriculture, the main religion of Punjab is Sikhism. You can see colorful clothes and turbans all across the state. Men wear colorful turbans all across the place.

Punjab has colorful culture and tradition being followed too. One of the finest tourist attractions in Punjab is the Golden Temple. This place is one of the holiest places for Sikhs. There is a historic jallianwala bagh which must be seen by visitors. You may find some remains of Indus valley civilization in this place of Punjab. Apart from religious and historic importance, you may find amazing food that is seen here. Food is tastier and rich in oil and ghee. Dairy foods of Punjab are rich too. One of the favorite tandoor is a gift of Punjab. Also chicken and paneer has come from Punjab. Visiting Punjab will make you refreshes the historic memory about how India gained independence. Also you can spend quality time with family and friends. Enjoy the rich and amazing variety of food that is a gift from Punjab people. Touring with India tour city will make you get more relaxation and time to be spent in places like Punjab with cultural unity.