Jammu and Kashmir Tourist Attractions

Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most summoned and passionate places to be visited in India. The charm of the place could be felt with its snow capped mountains, mesmerizing lakes and green meadows, which are seen very normally in J&K. There is diverse flora and fauna with lush green valleys of the place. Many of the tourists come here to enjoy their time with family as well as friends. This place is also quoted as Switzerland of Asia, due to its beauty and attracting power. The varied topography along with the best geographical location makes the beauty of the place more serene and divine. It helps you to have a beautiful location to spend time. Not only does the beauty of the place is amazing but even the place enjoys richness in cultural diversity. The visitors are speckled by the charming beauty. They are enthralled with such nature’s rich place.

The food of Jammu and Kashmir is very much distinctive in feature. It is highly influential with the cuisines of North India. The ingredients may be seen to vary from one place to another. All the Kashmiri pundits have the food rich in oil, ghee and yoghurts. There are other places where non vegetarian foods are being preferred. Apart from food items, you have many other sources of cultural inspiration like smacking dessert like Shufta, Sevviayain, and Phirni, shaker pare etc. To get more in to the cultural aspects of Jammu and Kashmir, you have music and dance that just add to the amazing cultural background of the place. Hafiz nagma, Rouf are some of the amazing dance forms that are here. You are sure to be enchanted with one visit to Jammu and Kashmir. You should Know why this place is called a truly heaven’s paradise. Touring to this place with India tour city will make your trip just fantastic.

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